Pre-employment Testing

Certain jobs at Entergy require the applicant to complete and pass a knowledge and skills test before being invited to interview. Our pre-employment tests have been proven to be job-related, fair, objective and a consistent means to help identify qualified candidates for those jobs.  We partner with the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) for several of our employment tests. They include:

  • Support and Administrative Selection System (SASS)
  • Technical Occupations Selection System (Tech)
  • Construction and Skilled Traded Selection System (CAST)
  • Power Plant Maintenance Positions Selection System (MASS)
  • Plant Operator Selection System (POSS)
  • Power Plant Maintenance/Power Operator Selection System (POSS/MASS)

For access to informational brochures for each test, along with test taking tips use the login name “entergy” and the password “practice test”.

Test preparation

Being prepared to take a test is an important part of the testing process. Applicants invited to test can access practice test materials and tips to help them prepare. Please note these practice tests are shorter and differ slightly from the real tests, but will help an applicant become familiar with the test format.

To review the practice tests use the login name “entergy” and the password "practice test".

Previously Passed the Test

If you have previously taken the test required for the position with another company/institution, please complete the EEI Authorization to Release form and return to Once your results have been confirmed you will be notified via email if you are required to take the test.

After the Test

Test results are typically available within five business days of the test date. The list of test qualified candidates is reviewed by a recruiter and/or the hiring manager and some candidates are selected to advance to the next step in the selection process. 

If you are not selected to advance to the next step in the selection process, your qualified test result will remain on file and will be considered valid if you were to apply to another job requiring the same test.  Your result will remain valid until the position requirements change or the test changes. 

If you did not qualify on the test you must reapply to a new position and receive an invitation to test to be considered for future opportunities.  Please see the retest policy guidelines below.

Retest policy

A minimum of 30 days must pass between the first and second attempt to qualify on the same EEI test for all applicants.  Applicants may not take the same test more than twice (2 times) in a twelve (12) month time frame. If you do not feel that you are prepared to take a test on the day you are scheduled, please reschedule.

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