Supervisor, Control Room - GGNS

Date: Aug 2, 2022

Location: Port Gibson, Mississippi, United States

Company: Entergy

Posting End Date: 08/24/2022 

Work Place Flexibility: Onsite 


Job Summary/Purpose

Ensures the safe and efficient operation of the plant, such that the health and safety of the workers and public are not jeopardized; give safety and quality a clear priority over schedule and cost; supervise the activities of the control room staff through all conditions of startup, shutdown power generation, and emergency.


Job Duties/Responsibilities

  • Monitors and supervises plant operations outside of the Control Room. Coordinates with the FSS/SAT and WCS to ensure that operations outside the Control Room are performed in a safe and controlled manner. Assumes the responsibilities and authorities of Shift leadership in the control room should leadership not be present during transient or accident conditions. Authorizes and manages Control room access.
  • Accepts signature authority for those tasks delegated by Shift leadership, except where specifically prevented by procedure. Assures compliance with all applicable regulations and procedures. Remains cognizant of radiological conditions and apply ALARA concepts to minimize personnel exposure. Authorizes, in conjunction with the SM and FSS, the implementation of scheduled or unscheduled work activities affecting station equipment, including corrective and preventative maintenance, modifications and protective tagging. Utilizes conservative decision making and human performance tools. Utilizes the station's corrective action programs to address issues and opportunities for improvement. Actively participates in training and personnel development opportunities. Participates in pre- and post-job evolutions.
  • Directs installation of jumpers & lifted leads in accordance with applicable EOPs. Thoroughly familiar with and adhere to the conditions and limitations of the station operating license, technical specifications, operating procedures, and all other applicable regulations. Thoroughly familiar with routine operating data, reports, and logs that are required to be maintained and ensure their completion by the end of the shift; review and evaluate the data to assure safe operation. Periodically evaluates line up deviations which are greater than 6 months. Determines the circumstances, analyzes the cause, and recommends Shift leadership that station operation can proceed safely before the reactor is returned to power following a plant trip or an unscheduled or unexplained power reduction. Is present for the assigned shift in the control room or on tour within the plant if relieved by Shift leadership.
  • Assesses component operability/reportability. Believes and responds to instrument indications, unless proven to be incorrect. Assists Shift leadership in planning, coordinating, and improving all facets of plant operations. Maintains a Senior Reactor Operator License. Informs Shift leadership of any abnormal conditions or changes to plant status and ensure initiation corrective actions. Performs the role of Senior Reactor Operator for core alterations.
  • Assists Shift leadership in completing performance evaluations of assigned personnel. Reduces reactor power or shuts down the reactor when the safety of the reactor is in jeopardy or when operating parameters exceed reactor protection set points and automatic shutdown does not occur. Recommends changes in plant procedures, personnel, operation, and equipment status to maximize plant and personnel efficiency use the ECI process, as appropriate. Interfaces with regulatory and industry representatives on behalf of station activities. Communicates technical information, concepts, and ideas verbally and in writing. Serves as a member of the Emergency Response Organization. Coordinates the implementation of work activities including corrective and preventive maintenance, modifications, and protective tagging.
  • Work control supervisor provides most of the planning and preparation for implementation. Conducts plant tours and performs periodic inspections and observations of work activities to ensure work practices, human performance tools and a safe work environment are being used and always followed. Conducts plant tours and perform periodic inspections and observations of work activities to ensure work practices, human performance tools and a safe work environment are being used and always followed. Staffs and supervises the building operators on the appointed shift through all conditions of startup, shutdown, power generation, and emergency operations. Assists Shift leadership in completing performance evaluations of assigned personnel. Performs other supervisory activities as assigned by line or station management.


Minimum Requirements


Minimum education required for the position

  • B.S. Degree in Engineering or Sciences generally associated with nuclear power plant operations is highly desired but not required if NUREG 1021 and ACAD 10-001 are met.


Minimum experience required for the position

  • Held an ACTIVE RO or SRO license at a commercial Nuclear Power Plant for at least 12 months


  • Held an ACTIVE RO or SRO license at a noncomparable commercial nuclear power plant for at least 18 months 


  • 18 months or more qualified in one of the following positions at a military reactor: Reactor Operator, Engineering Officer of the Watch, Propulsion Plant Watch Officer, Engineering Watch Supervisor or Propulsion Plant Watch Supervisor 


  • Responsible Nuclear Power Plant Experience in the form of being a manager, supervisor, staff, or fully qualified non-licensed operator (qualified on all safety systems) responsible for the operation, maintenance, engineering, or support of a nuclear power plant:
  • 18 months for comparable facility
  • 27 months for a non-comparable facility
  • 36 months for a non-traditional degree


Minimum knowledge, skills, and abilities required for the position

Proficiency with current computer business applications. Outstanding communication and conflict management skills. Technical understanding of nuclear generation principles and operation.


ANSI Required: No


Any certificates, licenses, etc. required for the position

Minimum Requirements for Control Room Supervisor are defined in NUREG 1021 and INPO ACAD 10-001, Rev. 1 Guidelines for Initial Training and Qualification of Operators. Candidates must be currently Senior Reactor Operator licensed or meet these requirements for initial license. Technical understanding of nuclear generation principles and operation. Meet the qualification requirements contained in EN-OP-137.



Primary Location: Mississippi-Port Gibson
Job Function: Nuclear
FLSA Status: Professional
Relocation Option: Level II
Union description/code: NON BARGAINING UNIT-NBU
Number of Openings: 1
Req ID: 107909
Travel Percentage:Up to 25%


An Equal Opportunity Employer, Minority/Female/Disability/Vets. Please click here to view the full statement.


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Job Segment: Power Plant Operator, Reactor Operator, Nuclear Engineering, Facilities, Power Plant, Energy, Engineering, Operations